I’m traveling to England soon and I almost burned our house down.

Howdy Folks! GemmyGem and I are going to be going to Merry O’l England in a few weeks. We’ll be mostly in Essex, but will do a bit of traveling as well.

Last night, I decided to cook dinner for us (Gemmy’s a great chef and she usually does all the cooking.) so I put chips (french fries to us yanks) and breaded fish on trays in the oven and went to play some Call of Duty. I’ve been trying to complete this challenge she gave me, win 3 free for all and a battle royale in a row. Anyway, I went to check on the food and somehow, the oven was on fire… literally on fire! I also burned the peas in the microwave oven.

Apparently, grease or oil had dripped off the tray that she had used to make bacon in the morning, pooled at the bottom of the oven and then caught fire. I put it out with a towel and burned my fingers on the pan. Then, I served the burned fish and crisped chips and burned, dried up peas to her. Then, when I brought my own food into the front room, I sat in my recliner and poured my plate of food onto myself. Burned my hip with hot greasy chips, burned my hand with fish, and covered my chair with hot, buttery peas. They even went down inside my chair. I vacuumed them out. What a mess. I’m thinking I should stick to Call of Duty and let Gemmy be in charge of cooking.

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This picture of an oven on fire is not mine, I just use it as an example. 🔥

oven on fire YAFONOOB cooking and burning food
oven on fire YAFONOOB cooking and burning food