What are Rust Tiers? Explaining the Tier System in Rust

Howdy Folks! Have you been playing Rust and someone asks you “hey bro, you got any tier 2?” or “oh man, these tier 1 zergs been door camping me all day” and you’re like “what the hell are tiers?!?” Well, fear not, I’m about to explain the Rust tiers to you.

The simplest way to explain it, is a way to describe the level of sophistication, power, cost, etc. that certain items have. Everything can be described by tiers, from bases, to weapons to tools, armor, etc. Another word for tiers could be “levels”.

For example, a fully armored base is tier 3, a chainsaw is tier 2, road sign armor is tier 1 and a spear is tier 0, or primitive tier.

To make some items, you will need a certain workbench level. If you do not have access to one, you will not be able to make that item. So, to make a water bucket, you need a workbench level 1. To craft a small generator you will need a workbench level 2 and if you need high quality engine parts for your vehicle, you’re going to need a level 3 workbench.

As you grind your way through the game, you’ll progress through different tiers of tools, weapons, armor, and buildings. Each tier ups your game, giving you access to better gear and stronger defenses. Let’s break it down:

★ Primitive Tier

When you first spawn into Rust, you’re at the bottom of the food chain. It’s just you, your rock, and a dream. This is the Primitive Tier, where you’ll start with the basics:

  • Tools: Rock, Stone Hatchet, Stone Pickaxe. These are your bread and butter for gathering resources.
  • Weapons: Bow, Spear. Perfect for hunting animals and defending against other noobs.
  • Armor: Burlap Clothing. Not the best protection, but better than nothing.
  • Buildings: Wooden structures. Just enough to keep the rain off your head and the wolves at bay.

★ Tier 1

Once you’ve gathered enough resources and avoided getting your head bashed in by a rival player, you can step up to Tier 1. This is where things start to get interesting:

  • Tools: Metal Hatchet, Metal Pickaxe. These will make resource gathering faster and more efficient.
  • Weapons: Revolver, Waterpipe Shotgun. Now you can defend yourself with a bit more firepower.
  • Armor: Wood Armor, Road Sign Armor. A step up in protection, making you a tougher target.
  • Buildings: Stone structures. Stronger and more resilient, giving you a better base to defend.

★ Tier 2

You’re climbing the ladder and getting serious now. Tier 2 is where you start to really hold your own:

  • Tools: Jackhammer, Chainsaw. These power tools make resource gathering a breeze.
  • Weapons: Semi-Automatic Rifle (SAR), Python Revolver. More powerful weapons for taking down tougher enemies.
  • Armor: Coffee Can Helmet, Road Sign Kilt. Better protection means you can take more hits and keep fighting.
  • Buildings: Metal structures. These are much tougher and will keep most raiders at bay.

★ Tier 3

You’ve made it to the big leagues! Tier 3 is where the elite players reside, with the best gear and the toughest bases:

  • Tools: Electric tools (e.g., Electric Furnace). These advanced tools make your life in Rust much easier.
  • Weapons: Assault Rifle (AK-47), Bolt Action Rifle, M249. The most powerful weapons in the game, perfect for offense and defense.
  • Armor: Metal Facemask, Metal Chest Plate. Top-tier protection to keep you in the fight longer.
  • Buildings: Armored structures. The ultimate in base defense, keeping even the most determined raiders out.

Rust is a brutal and unforgiving game, and the players will be trying to murder you and steal your stuff at every turn. Start slow, gather resources, and avoid unnecessary fights early on. Focus on upgrading your base and gear methodically. Remember, a well-fortified base is your best friend in Rust. Even though my favorite style is solo play, don’t be afraid to team up with others – there’s strength in numbers!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with the tier system in Rust. Hit me up on social media @YAFONOOB and share your stories! And if you leave a funny or interesting voicemail at 520-FIGHTER, you might just hear it in one of my videos.

Keep your aim steady and your wits sharp.

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What are Rust tiers
What are Rust tiers
What are Rust tiers