The Bloodthirsty Ballad of Dingo Loadout

Dingo Dominator Loadout

Prepare to assert dominance on the battlefield with the The Bloodthirsty Ballad of Dingo Loadout, a powerhouse combination featuring the Dingo light machine gun as your primary weapon and the X16 pistol for backup. This loadout is meticulously crafted to provide sustained firepower and versatility in any combat scenario. Make sure to follow YAFONOOB for more pro COD loadouts!

Primary Weapon: Dingo LMG


  1. MIP Light Barrel (Short): Enhances ADS speed and mobility without sacrificing too much range, ensuring you’re agile and deadly in close to mid-range engagements.
  2. RTC Steady Stock: Minimizes recoil, granting you superior control over sustained firefights and allowing you to maintain accuracy even under heavy suppression.
  3. 45 Round Extended Mag: Increases your magazine capacity, granting you more rounds to suppress enemy positions and eliminate multiple targets without needing frequent reloads.
  4. Granulated Grip Tape: Further improves aiming stability, making it easier to stay on target and deliver precise bursts of fire.
  5. OWC Laser – Tactical: Augments hip-fire accuracy, providing an edge in close-quarters combat situations where quick reactions are crucial.

Secondary Weapon: X16 Pistol


  1. Light Trigger: Boosts fire rate, enabling swift follow-up shots and enhancing your capability to handle close-range encounters effectively.
  2. Tactical Suppressor: Reduces muzzle flash and suppresses firing noise, keeping your presence discreet and allowing for stealthy eliminations.
  3. Extended Mag A: Increases magazine capacity, providing additional rounds for engagements where every bullet counts.
  4. Laser Sight: Enhances hip-fire accuracy, ensuring you remain lethal even without aiming down sights in tight quarters.
  5. Tactical Flashlight: Dazzles and disorients adversaries when aimed directly, granting you the upper hand in surprise confrontations.


  1. Toughness: Increases resistance to flinch when taking fire, maintaining your aim stability during combat and giving you an advantage in head-to-head gunfights.
  2. Tracker: Reveals recent enemy footprints, enabling you to track down foes and anticipate their movements for strategic positioning and ambushes.
  3. Cold-Blooded: Renders you invisible to thermal optics and AI targeting systems, ensuring you can maneuver undetected through hostile territory.
  4. High Alert: Alerts you to nearby enemy sightings outside your field of view, providing crucial awareness and allowing for swift responses to potential threats.

With this pro Dingo loadout, you’ll wield unmatched firepower and versatility, capable of suppressing enemy positions with relentless barrages from your Dingo while swiftly dispatching threats up close with your X16 pistol. Adapt to any battlefield scenario, dominate the opposition, and carve your path to victory with unwavering firepower and precision.

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