Why I picked this outfit in Zombs Royale

I used to always wear the green or green and brown camo helmet, not because it looked good, but strictly for utilitarian reasons. I can run up to a group of trees and hide while my enemies run passed, completely unaware that I’m mere inches away from them. Sort of like wearing a pink afro in Blossom Burbs lol. However, I’ve recently decided to ignore that common sense approach and change my appearance. Zombs Royale is a social game, or at least it is for me, and I’ve made many online friends because I decided to adopt a certain, unchanging outfit. Now, in the lobby, people will run up to me and yell because I blew them up with a grenade, or thank me for leaving them some healing potions, or to tell me they are a subscriber, ask me for shout-outs or just to say “howdy YAFONOOB!” : )

Now that I don’t wear a generic helmet, like some random bot, or change my outfit, people recognize and remember me and I love it. I have so many conversations with random people and new pals in Zombs Royale.

The outfit I picked is a sort of retro 80s style pixelated 8-bit costume. It has a backpack, pixel sword melee weapon and of course a Daft Punk style pixel helmet. It’s super retro and I love it, best of all, it’s pretty rare to see someone else with all of that gear together.

Pixel outfit retro 8bit costume Zombs Royale

The caveat of course, is that it does make it harder to hide in the bushes and behind trees, I’ll admit. It also makes it easier for people and even teams to exact revenge on me, it also makes it impossible to pretend to be a bot! But in my opinion, the ability to be memorable and social outweighs the ability to be sneaky.

Pixel outfit retro 8bit costume Zombs Royale
Pixel outfit retro 8bit costume Zombs Royale