Below are some of my favorite Rust servers. If you’d like me to check your server out, just send me a message with the details.

This is Salvage City. It’s a brand new server with bank that can be robbed, bomb trucks, amusement rides, ferocious wild animals everywhere, found vehicles usually have parts and gas in them, pockets can be picked, locks can be hacked. It also has a Ballista that shoots flaming stone spears, catapult that shoots stone, fuel, bodies, etc. and Mango-Pirate is a great admin.This server needs more players, so please spread it around.

If in Rust, before starting a game, hit F1 and type (or copy and paste) client.connect

Or, click this to load Steam and automaticly connect you to this Rust server (depending on your settings) Salvage City Rust Server


Just let me know about it!

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