Below are some of my favorite Rust servers. If you’d like me to check your server out, just send me a message with the details.


This is a PVP filled great fast action server on a little custom map. You can spawn just about any type of vehicle you want, including boats, subs, 2, 3 and 4 module vehicles and all for free! Crafting and recycling is instant! Not only do you get 3x on everything but there are barrels and boxes everywhere! If you want to learn to be the best helicopter pilot in Rust, join this server, open the chat dialog and type “/mymini” You can even fly the CH47 (Chinook) if you sign up!

In Rust, before starting a game, hit F1 and type (or copy and paste) client.connect





This one’s not a server, but rather a very up-to-date Rust server analytic and listing website. If you want to see the map, events, who logged on or off of a Rust server, make sure you visit:

[US] Project Nova Wild West

This is such a cool, low population small cowboy server. Limited technology, custom weapons and outfits. Really fun little server.


ZTL Zombie Servers!

My first time playing on a ZTL Zombie server server saw me running around in the dark, collecting loot and killing a couple of wolves. I was loaded up and just crafted some amazing bone armor and wolf’s head when I heard some grunting from behind me… The last thing I saw was a massive zombie hoard, some with chainsaws, some throwing explosives… They chased me down and butchered me. I spent the better half of an hour re-spawning and attempting to get my loot back but they were too much for me. Talk about fun. This is one of the best servers I’ve ever been on, however, it’s not very popular, and I don’t understand why. There’s anywhere from 0 to 20 other people on at any given time, so if you’re looking for constant PVP this isn’t it. If you’re looking for awesome PVE and zombies than this is the server for you.

With over 185 plugins this amazing server has roaming and zombies, scientists at all monuments, vehicles, skinbox, offline doors, fishing, custom loot, clans -teleport/home/town, personal heli, box sorter, lock on rockets, quick loot, xp system, custom air drops, active staff, sinkable cargo ships, 75% more loot, plane crash, earth-quakes, meteor showers, pilot-eject and more! High performance dedicated machines provide fast loading and smooth playing.

Here’s a list of all the ZTL Rust servers:  http://ztlgaming.Com/servers/

The server you’ll usually find me on is:
ZTL rusty|us|5x|zombies|tp|kits|clans|rewards|+

In Rust, before starting a game, hit F1 and type (or copy and paste) client.connect

Rust Servers YAFONOOB


Salvage City. It’s a brand new server with bank that can be robbed, bomb trucks, amusement rides, ferocious wild animals everywhere, found vehicles usually have parts and gas in them, pockets can be picked, locks can be hacked. It also has a Ballista that shoots flaming stone spears, catapult that shoots stone, fuel, bodies, etc. and Mango-Pirate is a great admin. This server needs more players, so please spread it around.

If in Rust, before starting a game, hit F1 and type (or copy and paste) client.connect

Or, click this to load Steam and automaticly connect you to this Rust server (depending on your settings) Salvage City Rust Server