Rust HARDCORE mode!

This game-changing Rust update introduces Hardcore Mode, stripping away all the cuddly little things you’ve grown accustomed to. 

Facepunch Studios describes it as  “a brand new hardcore game mode that provides a new, trimmed down, raw Rust experience.”

Hardcore mode will feature no teams or team system, and contacts will be disabled. There will be no safe zones to take refuge in, peacekeepers and sentries have been removed, and local chat has been limited to a 100m radius – with no global option.

Additionally, crawling while wounded has also been removed, and sleeping bags have been limited to five per player. Maps, compasses and map seeds will also be disabled, and both maps and blueprints will be wiped each month.

According to PCGamesNRust streamer ShadowFrax, who was allowed access to the live test version of the new update, said that the developer is reportedly taking steps to ensure you can’t access the in-game map at all.

The update will force a map wipe and is expected to go live at 7PM BST / 2PM EST. Facepunch is provisionally launching a hardcore server in the EU, which can be found on the community list under ‘Rustafied EU Hardcore.’ The developer is also considering opening more in other regions if hardcore mode takes off.

Alongside hardcore mode, the September update also includes a plethora of UI changes, storage buffs, bug fixes, combat log improvements, and more.

Rust Hardcore Mode Differences
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